If you’re after an outdoor area to entertain that is practical, relatively inexpensive and looks great, garden decking may be the solution. Decking is a perfect place for the whole family to spend time together and Window Tech Home Improvements ensure its safe for children and meets all your Health & Safety requirements.

If you find that inside your home is just that bit too small for entertaining, and outside is just a muddy mess, why not install decking to improve the look of your outdoor area and extend your living space?

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When it comes to extending your home and outside space with decking, you have plenty of choices. One popular choice is to build decking at the rear of the home and to have bi fold doors installed, so the decking ends up feeling like a natural extension of the home and living area. Another option is you can build decking at the front of your home or indeed around the sides of the home. 

For example, having the main part of the decking at the rear of the home, with smaller decking on the side of the home. The main decking can be used as an outdoor room while the smaller area can be used for additional storage area, growing plants, or other practical purposes.

If you are using decking to extend your home, it is important to get the size of the decking proportionate. If it is too small, it will not provide any practical usable space. If it is too large it can overwhelm the garden area limiting your available garden space. Window Tech Home Improvements will make sure that all safety aspects are met as, essentially, your decking will be an outdoor room.

Balustrades are a must if your decking is more than a certain height off the ground, as well as a staircase if your decking is to be elevated. One important aspect to consider is the lighting. Making sure your decking is well lit which ensures it is safe to use at all times of day and night (and good lighting makes decking look great)

Get the Most Out of Your Decking Area

You could install a barbecue at one end of the decking, or for a real outdoor living experience, you could install a full outdoor kitchen. Both these options will allow you to easily prepare meals outside enabling you to be able to talk to your guests as you cook. 

Furniture is another important option and you can make use of an outdoor setting with day beds, loungers, arm chairs, rocking or hammock chairs, benches, coffee tables, or whatever else you feel will be suited to your taste. Provide comfort and improve the look with outdoor furniture, colorful cushions and a range of throws. If you need additional privacy you can elect for a wide range of outdoor blinds or screens.

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